For Hybrid Working, One Size Does Not Fit All

Ever since the mass shift to remote work, how we define a modern business has fundamentally changed. Nowhere is this more evident than in the relationship between an employee and their technology.

The pandemic forced many companies to become more flexible in their approach to technology and supporting employees, in some cases beyond what was perhaps comfortable. Whether that was rolling out a patchwork of ill-suited laptop types, deploying make-shift IT support, or simply dealing with the reality that most teams were now outside the company firewall, the urgent need to equip employees with the right hardware, and do so securely, inevitably pushed businesses to their limits.

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Scaling Your Freelance Business: How To Hire And Train A Remote Workforce

One thing is clear: the future is freelance. By 2027, freelancers are expected to become the majority workforce in the U.S. This makes the present the perfect time to learn how to scale your freelance business, and the only way to do this is by hiring the right people.

Depending on your business model, you constantly need to attract new clients and promote yourself. This means taking extra time for emails, calls, negotiations, administrative tasks, etc.

As you grow, the time you put in for freelancing becomes scarce, so bringing new people on board is your best option. The unique challenge for freelance businesses is doing this while keeping the same quality of service and costs to a minimum.

The following article will show you how to start scaling your freelance business with the help of a remote workforce, why your remote collaborators play a crucial part in the process, and why the training process is just as important as the recruitment one.

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How to Be More Disciplined WFH Freelancer

With an insane amount of distractions constantly competing for your attention, staying disciplined as a remote worker can be tough.

After all, you can take a break whenever you want, and no one’s watching over you. So it’s all too easy to linger on social media longer than you should or compulsively check your emails to avoid getting to the challenging tasks on your plate.

Instead of succumbing to those distractions and procrastination, we’ll show you how to be more disciplined when working from home in this article.

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How To Deal With “Quiet Firing” As A Remote Worker

In collaboration with ResumeGenius.

Recently, the internet has been buzzing with the term “quiet quitting,” alluding to employees doing exactly the work they’re contractually obligated to do – and nothing more.

Some have criticized these workers for not wanting to participate in a hustle culture mentality by going above and beyond for their company. In response, many workers have fired back that another phenomenon has gone largely unacknowledged outside of Reddit subforums and disheartening workplace memes: “quiet firing.”

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How to Find Legit Work-From-Home Jobs

Want to learn how to find legit work-from-home jobs? We share our 4 best remote job search tips to help you land your dream role and avoid job scams now!

If you’re itching to start working remotely, your first step is learning how to find legit work from home jobs.

Online job scams are everywhere, from social media influencers promising to help you get rich to fraudsters reaching out on LinkedIn with freelance remote gigs.

So we’re sharing four ways to find legit work from home jobs and avoid sketchy scammers in this guide.

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How To Travel While Working Remotely

It’s easy to travel while working remotely when you plan like a pro. Use the 7 tips in this guide to work remotely while traveling both near and far now.

There’s been an uptick in people who want to travel while working remotely, and we’re stoked. 🙌

One of the best parts about remote work is the ability to work anywhere you can bring your laptop and find a secure internet connection. This superpower allows remote employees to travel more and digital nomads to live like locals in new locales for as long as they please.

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How To Answer The Salary Expectations Question

Answering the salary expectations question for remote jobs could make or break your chances of landing the role. Learn what to say to hiring teams now:

You’re not the only one who fears the dreaded salary expectations question during interviews.

This one answer could literally make or break a remote team’s decision to move forward with the interview and hiring process.

But a misstep here could tell hiring teams you’re either underqualified, overqualified, or totally unprepared, all of which are undesirable impressions to make during your remote job search.

That’s why we’re sharing everything you need to know to answer the salary expectations question the right way. You’ll learn how to prepare a data-backed response, what to avoid, and how to negotiate the compensation you deserve.

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The Ultimate Guide to Asynchronous Remote Work‍

Remote work may not be for everyone, but there are numerous benefits of working outside of the office.

Tips for Asynchronous Remote Work

  • Asynchronous workers should have the freedom to work at their own pace
  • Having a clear and comprehensive communication plan is key
  • Reduce meetings for better productivity
  • Implement a strong company culture

Asynchronous remote work is one way to conduct business without being chained to a desk all day. Working from home or another remote location isn’t something that can be turned on and off like a switch.

It takes time for managers to build trust and confidence in remote employees so they can function together as a high performing remote team.

Moreover, switching between remote work and regular office hours requires planning and restructuring in order to ensure remote team members are always operating at peak performance and efficiency.

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Coworking Spaces: Post-pandemic Office Alternative

The COVID-19 crisis has been subsiding around the world for some time, and many restrictions that impacted our way of life (and work) have been lifted. Now, in the post-pandemic world, many businesses still choose to retain the remote work model, while many others are insisting that the time has come for their employees to return to the office.

Whether you are a business owner, a full-time employee, or a freelancer, there’s no denying that this new shift is putting you at a crossroads. Should people continue to work from home, or should they return to the office, or perhaps, should we explore coworking spaces as the ideal middle ground that will appease all parties and satisfy their needs?

Today, we’ll be taking a look at coworking spaces as well as coworking hubs such as Freelancers Hub and what they bring to the modern business landscape. Here’s why these spaces may very well be the best post-pandemic alternative to traditional and home offices.

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How to Ask Your Boss to Work Remotely

Employment quickly transitioned from offices to homes in 2020 as the pandemic forced many companies to allow their employees to work remotely. We’re seeing a 200% increase in remote work since Covid-19.

So if you’re one of the many people who enjoyed working from home and would like to continue doing so, you may be wondering how to ask your boss to work remotely.

A lot of reasons contribute to this. Maybe you’re in a company asking you to move back to the office, but you don’t feel comfortable doing so yet. Or maybe you’ve been remote since the pandemic started and prefer it that way.

Whatever your reasons are, you must take effective steps to make your case to your boss.

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