Remote Job Hunt 2.0

Remote Weekly turned 1 year a few weeks ago. 🎉

The goal was always to deliver high-quality remote job offers to online professionals. In mid-2020, I made some changes, which in retrospect shifted the project in the wrong direction.

Today, I am happy to announce – we are back on track!

We are now focused 100% on our subscribers and the value we provide.

The goal is to deliver relevant remote job offers. Anything “remote during covid” or “remote 3 days per week” will get mercilessly removed – so you don’t have to deal with BS like that.

And yes, we are rolling out location filtering soon.

Version 2.0 also introduces remote jobs API. If you are interested in building your own job board (or similar product), take a look.

Read more about my mistakes here.

Thank you for reading,


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